Evelyn Nevermore trade Ditensor

Designed for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Detensor therapy creates the maximum unloading of the spine, which can be achieved in zero gravity.

Detensor products are made from polyurethane foam with a very low deformation coefficient, which allows the preservation of functional properties for up to 20 years.

The Detensor System has been registered in Russia since 1988..

Detensor therapy creates maximum unloading of the spine, comparable to that which can be achieved in zero gravity.

Today, there are many methods, devices for aligning the spinal column, reducing the effects of injuries, relieving bread, but they all work for a limited period of time and do not help everyone. There is also another problem: all procedures are carried out independently, require the participation of medical personnel, medical supervision.

Detensor therapy comprehensively affects the entire body. This is a situation in which the condition of the spine may be reduced to a certain extent, corrected posture eliminates such phenomena. The human body in a horizontal position is stretched by increasing the interdisc distance to physiological limits. Cartilage tissue is restored, receives a sufficient amount of moisture, nutrients.

Lying on the mat, the patient does not feel discomfort, the ribs gently, under the influence of weight, begin to move apart, thereby stretching the spinal column. This alignment method is more gentle, since it does not cause overstrain of the ligaments, muscles, which is often used with other methods of traction (underwater, mechanical using a loop system, etc.).

The DETENSOR therapy method is a system for safe and comfortable relaxation (muscle relaxation), primarily of the paravertebral muscles and gentle spinal stretching (traction) to restore its full functioning. It meets the basic requirements for an ideal system for spinal restoration. When the patient is on the system, the forces are formed, which strictly depends on the weight (mass) of the patient's body, which leads to unloading of the kinematic system of the spine.

Detensor - is a system of costal structure, which is made of a special foamed polyurethane foam, which has the ability to adapt to the contours of the body. The point elasticity and compressibility are such that the optimal position of the spine is achieved in the position on the back, on the side of the fact that the ribs of the structure act as fulcrum, and their base and surface are in accordance with the weight of the body. Thanks to numerous clinical trials, five degrees of rigidity have been developed: How does the therapist work on the spine? With the detensor of therapy, the elastic ribs of the system is supple and supportive. It is as fast as possible to be able to reduce tension and to reduce tension..

Detensor therapy creates the maximum unloading of the spine, comparable to that which can only be obtained in zero gravity. Detensor therapy meets the basic requirements for an ideal spinal restoration system, namely:

You should try to relax and not make any movements during the procedure. It is not recommended to turn your head to the sides, otherwise the position of the neck support will be violated.

The detensor meets the basic requirements for an ideal system for the restoration of spine, namely: a combination of both long stretching under conditions of complete relaxation while maintaining physiological bends of the spine. This is ensured by an elastic structure having the inclined ribs, the position of which under the influence of the patient's mass.

Detensor therapy is a method of sparing traction of the spine and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The system is designed for safe relaxation of the muscles and traction of the spine to restore its full functioning.

The first stage is the diagnosis of biomechanics, which is presumed.